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Arkadiusz Wolski

Arkadiusz Wolski , 32 years old.

Co-owner FitnessClinic


I come from heavily sported family , my father has successfully practiced such disciplines as cycling and judo at international level , my uncle was successful in lifting weights and my grandfather, after war, was a player for clubs as Siarka Tarnobrzeg or Stal Milec . From my earliest years I have been involved in sports. I started education at a sports school, thanks to this I practiced such discipline as; swimming, football, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball. I represented my school and region in many competitions of regional and national rank.

I started my professional life right after high school, getting job at a local gym. It was 2004 and no one really thought the fitness industry would develop at such a pace. For a year at this place I learned the basics of the exercises but most importantly I noticed the mechanisms that acted on the club members at the time, in retrospect, I find it was a very valuable lesson. After a year, looking for better prospects I moved to Warsaw and got involved in the Vistula Group as a salon salesman and merchandiser. After a year, fate threw me to the gastronomy where for nearly 2.5 years I ran restaurants and pubs which brought together a large group of English speaking businessmen. And it was in the pub, that I met the founders of Jatomi Fitness. Businessmen have appreciated my commitment to work and staff management and have decided to entrust me with the project of opening the first club from the Jatomi network. In 2008 I became General Manager of the Jatomi Club Network (formerly Pure Health and Fitness). For two years I conducted operational activities in clubs in Poland and I was responsible for opening new clubs on the net (for over two years – about 15). 2010 brought a new project called Pure Sky Club. Business club in SkyLight building in the heart of Warsaw. One of the first clubs in Poland associating businessmen doing business in Poland and the world. As managing director of this place I was responsible for EBITDA circa 1m euro. In 2011r. I headed the Jatomi Fitness project to build and implement corporate sales structures. The department had 120 employees at the time. With a monthly turnover of 250k euros. The years 2012-2015 are the time for gathering international experience served as Country Manager in Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic and Turkey for Jatomi Fitness. These positions have helped to shape and improve managerial skills In business management as well as human resources. From 2012 I also run my consulting company (FitnessClinic), which deals with consulting and advisory services in the field of building and managing trade-oriented companies. This work gives me great opportunities for development and to meet new and interesting entrepreneurs from Poland and abroad who are charismatic motivating me every day. The company has helped companies in the fitness industry such as JATOMI, TOTAL FITNESS, SATURN FITNESS, CROSSFIT URSYNÓW, TONEZONE . FitnessClinic is a project whose main task is to help people start their adventure in the business world. We are focused on the fitness industry, but we will be happy to help everyone as far as our skills and capabilities are concerned. I personally am a fan of personal development, a good book and spending time with my closest family and friends.

My motto is:
„The road to success is always under construction”

I invite you to contact me!