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FITNESSCLINIC meets the needs of the fitness market by launching a product that until recently was only reserved for large and rich fitness clubs. We have gained experience in the best fitness clubs in Europe, and we want to share it with you.

We offer a secret client service in your club, Our staff visiting the club, and will check customer service standards according to the world’s best standards.
You will receive a report from this visit along with an assessment of your staff and a video or photo documentation. We can also carry out a comprehensive AUDIT that assesses employees in each department for their suitability for the job.
If you want to raise your club to a higher level and leave the competition behind, be locally model to follow, this offer is for you.

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The basis of your business is financial control, the success of your club depends on the balance of profits and losses.
FITNESSCLINIC has a ready solution for you, we will conduct your financial audit at your club to determine the financial condition of the club, it will be a great turning point for planning your further development strategy.
We will show you the strengths of your business and provide you with tips on what and how to improve it to make it work better.

Each audit provides the owner / manager with a ready financial report to determine the location of the club.
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With an operational audit service you will receive answers about the quality and effectiveness of management in your club.
We will identify strong, well-functioning aspects of your business and areas that need to be improved.
With the completion of the operational audit you will receive a detailed report on the club and operational management tools for your club and human resources.
If you feel that you do not have 100% control over the functioning of the club then this service is perfect for you.

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Do you know what equipment in your club is used regularly? Or maybe you have the equipment you want to get rid of? Taking care of customer satisfaction, you are planning to replace your equipment with a new one? Do not search blind, get professional advice today. Thanks to ourr contacts, we will be happy to help you sell your unused equipment and we will provide you with new, competitive prices.
Do not waste your time and money putting out auctions, use our contacts

Do you have equipment for sale? Maybe you want to buy new for your club? Do not wait and write to us!



One of the sources of reaching the client in the 21st century is social media. If you do not know how to use them or you have not done it yet, or feel that they are not your weapon in the fight for the client, we will be happy to help you.
Do not waste your time and money and start getting clients today with professional support of your social media by FITNESSCLINIC.
We will be planning your marketing and serving it on the web.

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The way to success of your club is trained and motivated employees.
The effectiveness of your business development depends to a great extent on the planning of cyclical training for both management and service personnel.
We will help you to create a short-term or long-term framework for your people’ development to comprehensively elevate them to a higher level in the fitness industry.
Thanks to our experience, you will save time and money by using a team development plan tailored to the real needs of your business.

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Efficiency in the fitness industry depends on a well-defined vision of your company’s development and its implementation plan.
With FITNESSCLINIC you will define your position on the local market in the industry, set strategy and vision, and guide your club forward with the solutions you need to match your current situation and club vision.
Do not act chaotically, design trends through cooperation with our company.
Remember that only visionaries achieve great goals.

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With a strictly defined vision of the club and a plan of action to succeed, you should build on a management tool based on a constructive club budget.
If you do not have it yet or have been thinking about putting your saved goals into action, this service is for you.
By gaining experience in the largest fitness networks in Poland and abroad we have learned the secrets of planning quarterly, six-monthly and yearly budgets so that you can understand your business and you will then achieve greater earnings and minimize the risk of disappointment at the end of the year.
We will teach you how to analyze your budget and make changes depending on the condition of the club.
Remember, the good manager’s actions are always based on a realistic budget, which is the basis for creating a long-term business strategy.

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Today, a good manager is a treasure, since the helmsman depends on the quality and efficiency of the work of the entire team. If you suffer from a lack of experienced leader and you cannot find the right person to entrust your club to management we will be happy to help you.
Manager’s Academy is a product dictated to the fitness market, working for the largest fitness chains in Poland and abroad we have been looking for experienced managers many times. We have noticed that there is not enough of them for the needs of the ever-growing fitness market in Poland.
Especially for your club we will recruit a characteristically qualified person, train and equip the necessary tools and competences of the club manager. We will give you a ready-made leader who will take care of your business.

Each of the Managers Academy projects is considered individually